Thursday, November 11, 2010


As I walk to the mailbox I see the letter that tells me that after hours and hours of sewing, multiple broken needles, lots of money, multiple unnecessary spotlight visits, maniacal laughs and tears, sleepless nights and superior concentration the hard work has paid off, I have been accepted into this years Texstyle exhibition from the 29th of November to the 5th of December at the teacher's federation conference centre!

Texstyle is also displayed at the Craft and quilt fair in Sydney, Canberra, Rosehill racecourse and Newcastle.

To people who can't sew, I couldn't, just do textiles, even though silly teachers at school tell you that you'll fail by doing a practical subject by correspondence, its fun really and this is the best feeling ever.

This is my major work which was inspired by the picture book and movie "Where The Wild Things Are."

I am sorry for the ridiculous faces I am pulling.

Also thank you to my teacher Dianne Grose who is amazing and without her I'd be lame, and congratulations to my other distance ed-ers who were accepted as well.


  1. Em! Its the blog dream post come true!
    You deserved it big time. I like yo' tail, and its going to look so good on exhibition :)
    trying to send you photos from today as i write this.. eek stupid portal email hates attaching stuff.

  2. that's heaps cute :) congratulations !